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Antartika Ice Princess

Breeding Great Danes Blue and Blacks Great Dangerous Dream. Puppies Great Danes Blue and Black

Blue female born 02/09/2007 from Dangerous Dream-B X Jelenia dei Monti del Keraton official HD B Ecocardio Dysplasia normal offspring of Antartika: Litter D Litter F Pedigree The results Expo DATE AND PLACE RESULT JUDGE National Show Tracks (MC), 12/07/2009 1Manola Poggesi° MB (IT) National Expo of Campobasso (CB), 05/09/2009 […]

24 April 2011
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Félicie des Terres de la Rairie

Blue female born 12/02/2010 from Black Anubis des Terres de la Rairie X Venise De la Fontaine aux Tourterelles official HD Dysplasia – AND 0 Ecocardio Normal offspring of Happy: G H Litter litter Pedigree Gallery Results Expo date and place JUDGE's Alans Rally RESULT Anguillara Sabazia (RM), 17/10/2010 Junior class […]

24 April 2011
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Great Dane puppy: instructions for the use

You have decided to take a great Dane puppy or l ’ 've just brought home? We want first of all congratulate you for your choice, you have chosen a unique breed, not so much for the aesthetic factor, who you know, the great Dane was named "the Apollo of dog breeds", but above all for the emotional and human factor. Starts […]

17 April 2011
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Is the Harlequin Great Dane the largest one?

Breeding Great Danes Blue and Blacks Great Dangerous Dream. Puppies Great Dane Blue and Black

Often wonder: AND’ true that great Dane Harlequin ’ is the largest of the other colors? or and’ true that the fawn is bigger than the blue? No. It is not true. The greatness of ’ great Dane does not depend on its color but its bloodlines and is entirely subjective. It would be like saying that all people Blondes […]

16 April 2011
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Great Danes with children

Breeding Great Danes Blue and Blacks Great Dangerous Dream. Puppies Great Dane Blue and Black.
The Alans coexist peacefully with smaller children and animals. I often get made this question indeed "I have small children, How do I do with a dog so great?" or "How it behaves with cats and other smaller animals that I have at home?". The great Dane has a very low threshold of aggression, almost non-existent, is very cuddly [...]
08 April 2011
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The Great Dane's Personality

The character of the great Dane is the most fascinating aspect of the breed. His aesthetic beauty, its imposing statuary and other external features are worth very little in comparison to the qualities of character, temperament, intelligence. I must say firstly that there is a great homogeneity of character in this breed, There are i.e. very particular attitudes and behaviour […]

08 April 2011
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The Great Dane: origin and characteristics

Origin: F.C.I Classification Germany.: Group 2 – dogs like pinscher, schnauzer, molosser dogs and Swiss cattle dogs. Brief history of The German Great Dane, defined “the Apollo of dogs ’”, It is also known as "Great Dane", Although in fact has nothing to do with Denmark. You think its derivation is due to cross-breeding between […]

08 April 2011
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  • What they say about us…

    • Our puppy is wonderful! It is evident that he spent the first months of his life in a peaceful and happy environment!
      Thanks Raffaele and Ilenia😊
      Enrica ScalisiEnrica Scalisi
      Enrica Scalisi (AT)
    • When we went to pick up our Krystal a month ago, she thought she'd find a kennel, instead we found a family including children who raise puppies with great love. Our krystal is very sweet!!!  
      Rosanna CacucciRosanna Cacucci
      Rosanna Cacucci (BA)
    • Our puppy arrived home on 20.06.2020. Very beautifull ( also according to the trusted veterinarian ) healthy and very sweet. Try to play with the cat too and together they are absolutely funny. Seeing them play with my son is priceless. Given the puppy's age, I take him to work with me, it's really adorable. And it is already the mascot of the street where we live and the office. Really available breeders at any time, even in the face of slightly absurd questions like mine.
      Chiara BonfaniChiara Bonfani
      Chiara Bonfani (BS)
    • I met George and Raffaele about a year ago, the Dangerous Dream had been selected by my daughter Chiara, He had planned to return from vacation, the puppies were born in September 2012. Seri, loving and professional, but animal lovers.
      Sandro CastellanoSandro Carrasquillo
      Sandro Carrasquillo (NA)
    • Personally I will never stop to thank Roy and Raffaele for baskaran I have succumbed, excellent conformation and character.Friends are always ready to give advice and more professional. See you soon Emilio
      Emilio OrlandoEmilio Orlando
      Emilio Orlando (NA)
    • Professionalism and passion!!!
      Vet. Guido D’IntinoVet. Guido D Intino ’
      Vet. Guido D'intino (CH)

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