Litter A – Blue great Dane puppies

of 02/09/2007 from Jelenia dei Monti del Keraton X Dangerous Dream

Afrika My Dream

female blue 3 months – Owner: Mauro Balducci (RM)

Aurora Borealis

female blue 3 months – Owner: Pierluigi Pede (THE)

Antares Blue Passion

Blue male 3 months – Owner: Claudia Gherdevich (SP)


Altais Dragon Star

Blue male – Photo 60 days – Owner: Carmine Best (PE)

Apocalypse Now

Blue male – Photo 60 days – Owner: Giuseppe Damiani (CH)

Apollo 12

Blue male – Photo 60 days – Owner: Piergiorgio Rossi (RM)

Astro del Sud

Blue male – Photo 60 days – Owner: Barbara Zaffora (RM)

Alpha Centauri

Blue male – Photo 60 days – Owner: Davide de Iure (CH)

Antartika Ice Princess

female blue – Photo 60 days – Owner: Dangerous Dream

Atmosphere Blue

female blue – Photo 60 days – Owner: Stefano (RA)

First shots

Puppy male for a week

Puppies at 2 weeks

Puppy male 30 days

30 March 2011
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  • What they say about us…

    • I met George and Raffaele about a year ago, the Dangerous Dream had been selected by my daughter Chiara, He had planned to return from vacation, the puppies were born in September 2012. Seri, loving and professional, but animal lovers.
      Sandro CastellanoSandro Carrasquillo
      Sandro Carrasquillo (NA)
    • Personally I will never stop to thank Roy and Raffaele for baskaran I have succumbed, excellent conformation and character.Friends are always ready to give advice and more professional. See you soon Emilio
      Emilio OrlandoEmilio Orlando
      Emilio Orlando (NA)
    • Excellent specimens, Good breeders, Excellent character. Thank you
      Alessio CalabròAlessio Calabrò
      Alessio Calabrò (RM)
    • Professionalism and passion!!!
      Vet. Guido D’IntinoVet. Guido D Intino ’
      Vet. Guido D'intino (CH)
    • Angus is in great shape, We are very happy with him, It's like a child. Loves cats if spupazza them everyday .... Now there's more informed terro! However, the great Dane is a fantastic ... So good and so protective too....
      Elisabetta MelchioriElizabeth Melchiori
      Elizabeth Melchiori (TN)
    • Great family and great and beautiful Danes!! Hanna is making a wonderful impact to our family… Thank you so much guys for everything!
      Seth HeffernSeth Heffern
      Seth Heffern (USA)

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