Great Dane's Diseases

Breeding Great Danes Blue and Blacks Great Dangerous Dream. Puppies Great Danes Blue and Black

Severe dysplasia disease borne by the coxae-femur (dell ’ rear limb). Specifies in nearly all breeds of large mole, is hardly visible before 5 months and then the ’ can only guarantee is the certainty of parental exemption ’. Note dysplasia with a sudden lameness accompanied by pain if you touch the affected joint ’. The cause […]

07 December 2010
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D ’ emergency situations

Breeding Great Danes Blue and Blacks Great Dangerous Dream. Puppies Great Dane Black and Blue

The care that each owner has a duty to give to your dog or cat is not exhausted with the administration of food and affection, but it also involves the protection and preservation of the health of the animal ’. Quindi dobbiamo essere in grado di compiere piccole manualità sui nostri amici che fin dalla più tenera età devono […]

15 November 2010
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Vaccination of puppies

Breeding Great Danes Blue and Blacks Great Dangerous Dream. Puppies Great Danes Blue and Black

Vaccination is to immunize the dogs to some fatal diseases. Depending on the age of the dog will be adopted protocols suitable vaccine. Vaccination risks are infinitesimal compared to the advantages. That COS and ’’ A VACCINE A vaccine is a drug that is designed to promote the production of specific antibodies to a particular infectious disease […]

21 September 2010
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  • What they say about us…

    • Our puppy arrived home on 20.06.2020. Very beautifull ( also according to the trusted veterinarian ) healthy and very sweet. Try to play with the cat too and together they are absolutely funny. Seeing them play with my son is priceless. Given the puppy's age, I take him to work with me, it's really adorable. And it is already the mascot of the street where we live and the office. Really available breeders at any time, even in the face of slightly absurd questions like mine.
      Chiara BonfaniChiara Bonfani
      Chiara Bonfani (BS)
    • I met George and Raffaele about a year ago, the Dangerous Dream had been selected by my daughter Chiara, He had planned to return from vacation, the puppies were born in September 2012. Seri, loving and professional, but animal lovers.
      Sandro CastellanoSandro Carrasquillo
      Sandro Carrasquillo (NA)
    • Personally I will never stop to thank Roy and Raffaele for baskaran I have succumbed, excellent conformation and character.Friends are always ready to give advice and more professional. See you soon Emilio
      Emilio OrlandoEmilio Orlando
      Emilio Orlando (NA)
    • Professionalism and passion!!!
      Vet. Guido D’IntinoVet. Guido D Intino ’
      Vet. Guido D'intino (CH)
    • Angus is in great shape, We are very happy with him, It's like a child. Loves cats if spupazza them everyday .... Now there's more informed terro! However, the great Dane is a fantastic ... So good and so protective too....
      Elisabetta MelchioriElizabeth Melchiori
      Elizabeth Melchiori (TN)
    • Great family and great and beautiful Danes!! Hanna is making a wonderful impact to our family… Thank you so much guys for everything!
      Seth HeffernSeth Heffern
      Seth Heffern (USA)

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