We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Q litter. The puppies will be born around 22 April 2024, by Empedocles of the Tranquil Light X Leslie Great Dangerous Dream. Blue and black puppies will be born.
For info and reservations contact us by phone.

(last update: 01/04/2024)

For more information and reservations.

📞 +39 3476532865

Our Great Dane puppies are certified. Parents officially free from hereditary diseases. They are sold starting from the 70th day of life, wormed, vaccine, microchipped and with pedigree.

We are recognized breeding with ENCI and SIA affixes and signatories of the ethical code of breeders

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Our Great Danes live at home with us

under the same roof of our whole family, where they can be cured in case of need, participate in simple daily events, be present during any situation, stay warm in winter and cool in summer, without ever feeling excluded and, especially, without feeling themeseves "dogs, as they are our children's playmates and family members.

They will be your, faithful and honest ones till the last beat of their heart. What you need is to deserve such a devotion

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We use the best international bloodlines, paying attentio not only to all the morphological aspects of the breed ’, but also health and behaviour. Our Great Danes are tested with exams that ensure their good health and the suitability for reproduction.

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Our puppies

Our puppies are given to new owners, who have previously booked them, After the 70th day of age, fully vaccinated, worm free with pedigree. Pedigrees come a few months later directly home by registered post.

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We follow the new owners throughout the puppy's growth, suggesting them on everything, food, education, etc. We are present and available 24 hours on 24 for 365 days per year for the entire life of the dog. And this a pleasure for us..

What they say about us...

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When we went to pick up our Krystal a month ago, she thought she'd find a kennel, instead we found a family including children who raise puppies with great love. Our krystal is very sweet!!!  

Rosanna Cacucci,
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Our puppy arrived home on 20.06.2020. Very beautifull ( also according to the trusted veterinarian ) healthy and very sweet. Try to play with the cat too and together they are absolutely funny. Seeing them play with my son is priceless. Given the puppy's age, I take him to work with me, it's really adorable. And it is already the mascot of the street where we live and the office. Really available breeders at any time, even in the face of slightly absurd questions like mine.

Chiara Bonfani,
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Our puppy is wonderful! It is evident that he spent the first months of his life in a peaceful and happy environment!
Thanks Raffaele and Ylenia
Enrica Scalisi,
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I met George and Raffaele about a year ago, the Dangerous Dream had been selected by my daughter Chiara, He had planned to return from vacation, the puppies were born in September 2012. Seri, loving and professional, but animal lovers.

Sandro Carrasquillo,

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