About us

Our kennel

Our passion for Great Danes begins in 1993 with our first Great Dane: Senofonte Indios dell ’ Armida. Since then attend the exhibition environment and we are immersed in the dog world.

Great Dane after Great Dane passed in our House, the passion grew more and more until we started to breed over the years. We received the official recognition by the’Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana with the stage name affix “Great Dangerous Dream” and we hired officially l ’ commitment to better the breed in accordance with the standard, both from an aesthetic point of view, that of health, that behavioral. Moreover, what we have always done.

Our dogs, before being put into breed, are subject to specific official examinations they attest to the good health and hereditary diseases free.

In addition, We give great importance to quality: We have a few puppies year round so you can follow them as they deserve and be able to follow and advise owners during growth. Are not always delivered before 70/80 days of age, fully vaccinated, wormed, microchippati, and, not least, socialized in the proper place, you can leave the ’ and go to live happily in their new home.

Our dogs live in the House with us. We are not a kennel with dog houses outside. Only at home you can enjoy these wonderful creatures and follow them, and only at home you can live them at full.