Puppies previously booked, are ready to 70°/80° day d ’ age. Don't EVER deliver puppies under the age 65 days according to Regulation ENCI, because before this age may not have received all the vaccinations and cannot have inserted the microchip (by law all touches to enter ’ breeder). Do not ever trust of farms that sell puppies 40/50 days. If they do, they do against the ’ ethics and against the welfare of the puppy, because they must discard it because it is an economic expenditure. The puppy under the age of two months later, is not socialized and, In addition to health problems, may develop behavioral problems. Puppies must have finished the whole cycle of vaccinations and sverminazioni and having inserted the microchip. And must have lived throughout the first period with the brothers of litter, as a matter of imprinting and in order to get socialized from ’ cattery. During the summer period are transferred even with flea repellent treatment. The owner is given the health booklet along with the puppy and a list of all details concerning the weight of food supply and brand feed (the owner will have already obtained). We then take the new owners with the new puppy a souvenir photos that we will post on our website. For the rest we are available day and night, whatever problem you may have with your new puppy!

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