Félicie des Terres de la Rairie: He Pedigree





Black Anubis
Land of the rairie

Tsong Royal lands blue

Play boy of Royal lands

Manfred of Royal lands

Nadja Royal lands blue

Ch Paola Royal lands blue

Noble blue of the Royal land

My blue of the Royal land

Verboise of the land of the rairie

Mein mann of the lands of the rairie

Nahbay Vom haus tiefenbach

The templerie of gourdole Horla

L val Orchidee ’ friendship

Ch Querkopf Vom haus fresena

The val de l JEREMIE ’ friendship

Venice of the fountain to the doves

The fountain Dove Titus

The fountain Dove rahan

The fountain Dove Mutin

The chatenet Barrens Nina

The chatenet Barrens Nina

Ch Jaro of healthy city

The chatenet Barrens griotte

The field of ladies Samantha

Ch Jaro of healthy city

Ch Ephebe of lands of the rairie

Ch Edit in the field of the pal lombiere

Margotte Dove fountain

IOM ’ des landes of the chatenet s

The chatenet Barrens Iaschka