AND’ a beautiful and good scam! First of all a puppy of breed has right pedigree for nature and should not be sold without hands. Second thing a paper certification, in this case the pedigree, all ’ breeder cheap less 20 euro, and not 300 euro!!! You can check on the website of the’Enci under the heading “institutional rates” to realize that a pedigree costa 20 euro. What does certification cost, but the selection, the mounts, l power ’, Veterinary expenses of dogs, not a pedigree. Don't trust online shopping, beautiful sites with showcases of puppies of all breeds, all the beautiful words. Are falsehoods!!! Don't trust, are FALSE PEDIGREE!!! Don't trust also for another reason: NO breeder who respects the ethical codes (which prohibit), never sells his puppies to an intermediary, a store or website that sells them to others. The ’ farmer must respect the code of ethics of Enci ’ which requires raising their puppies and sell them directly to the owner, After having explained the characteristics of the breed that is going to take. A farmer cannot make trade in dogs! Therefore, when writing “Our puppies are only to serious breeders” is fake! Puppies of these stores come from illicit routes in Eastern countries or from ’ cucciolifici of sprayhood (type the Green Hill, or the ones that you see on Striscia la notizia).

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