We need to see what it means “guaranteed”! A puppy is a living being and what we can do everything to produce dogs exempt from any pathology, taking care of every aspect of selecting and making any kind of control over reproduction subjects, We cannot give guarantees as when you sell computers or objects. You read on the web guaranteed puppies ads or websites that sell puppies with captions “guaranteed for a year”, but we are talking about a Cub or goods? This is dishonesty and secure something that nobody can guarantee. In fact, as all living healthy, some diseases that can happen, According to Mendel's law, return even after generations, Despite playing parents are certified as “exempt”. How can happen by chance are pathologies and not depend on the ’ inheritance. When you purchase a living being sleepy in mind that is a living being and not a commodity.

Then that warranty has a new owner who decides to buy a puppy in a herd rather than in shops?

The warranty is definitely a puppy breeder that adheres to all regulations and makes all controls, will have far fewer problems than a puppy of dubious provenance. The guarantee is that l ’ breeder, Although it will not have faults according to Regulation Enci.
L ’ serious breeder never stops to follow and advise the new owners throughout the life of the dog transferred, because it remains in his heart still a “his” dog care while leaving the ’ breeding. The breeder will not ’ the puppy sold as goods and well-being will also “After” following the owners step by step for each health smallness, the character, l power ’, being always available to them.

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