NO!!! Selecting costa, the mount (maybe done away from home or overseas cost ’), Veterinary expenses for puppies costing, expenses for official radiographs of cost, all exams facts on subjects put into playing in a cost, l power ’ costa, farming cost expenses, and that c is behind is a lot ’. Why puppies sold at bargain prices assumes are not behind any type of selection and cost, no cure, If not that essential (sometimes even that), are not subjects that reflect the breed standard (because there is no work ’ behind and selection are paired randomly and dogs without pedigree). Paid so little puppies not only can call cani di razza, but they have no guarantee of health and safety, and can bring different health problems by sending here and the owner to cure diseases by a veterinarian at ’ more. Is to say: Who saves wasted!

In this regard reference always at ’ article of the portal Meet the dog: Thousand euros for a puppy? But it is a theft! … Or maybe not?

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