Because they attribute to us, incorrectly, the faults of the stray. And here I am talking about serious breeders and not sprayhood. The sprayhood produce pups in quantity without controls and selection, sell them, make us trade, sell them to anyone, as well as shops, without worry about it. Farmers instead choose puppy owners, are connoisseurs of that breed experts, do all controls on dogs playing, you care about where your puppy will go to dwell, and refuses even to sell your puppy to people he didn't inspire confidence. Task of the farmer in fact ’, is to make culture-loving people, also advise against a certain race to a given person because unsuitable.

The ’ herd would be a solution to stray in fact, If you are they sterilized dogs litters where mestizos while avoiding the puppies do not know where to give and where to place them. People would only breed dogs and after paying for well informed about which breed of dog is best suited to your lifestyle. The stray dogs are almost always dogs mestizos.

The animal I am of the opinion that dogs should not be sold, treat us as all tradespeople alike, without knowing who the real farmer does not earn and don't live for this, but there rounds only expenses of their dogs. Ignore the hard work of ’ farmer and his concerns whenever someone sells a puppy. We love and take care of dogs, We care about their future. If you would like the animal people think dogs breed extinction because there would be more an institution (ENCI) for the protection of dogs and dog training ’ dog breed. The advantage of a dog breed compared to a mestizo then, is that you already know the features since puppy, the size, If large or less, and crucially the character that will, being able to decide just which dog is best suited to your needs. This cannot happen with a mestizo who, Sometimes it is believed to remain small and rather grows as a pastor from Abruzzo or pulls out unwanted character features, with the consequence that then will be abandoned to the streets because they wanted that kind of dog!

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