AND’ difficult to answer this question because the answer depends on many factors. By that wrongly thought, costs that relate to a great Dane, not so much for the purchase but those ’ for maintenance, being a very delicate and challenging dog.

As regards the power ’, an adult great Dane doesn't cost less than 80/100 euro per month. Expenditures exceed discussing growing pups who, In addition to high-quality power supply, need supplements for bones and continuous veterinary checks.

But the costs do not concern only the power ’, There are veterinary expenses, on which it is impossible to make a calculation, because they depend on the prices of your veterinarian trust issues that can have a living being in the course of his life, Even insignificant things that require however a vet or a therapy. If all goes well, the ’ great Dane will see the veterinarian one vote l ’ year, just when will make annual vaccination!

Then there are the spese varie, What mattresses on which sleep, in the first year of age will destroy continuously, until they have passed the adolescent period and you will be reassured (After the year of living ’).

Finally, When we complain for the price d ’ purchasing a great Dane, bred with criterion, We must ask the question: “But if I cannot afford the expense of purchase will be then able to cure it properly and keep it?”.

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