A great Dane eats about 1 kg of food per day (or a little more), divided by brand croquettes, meat and rice or pasta boiled meat.

The power of the puppy goes ’ cured in more accurately as possible. Our puppies come from our breeding to 80 days d ’ age about, finite vaccinations, sverminazioni and microchip inserted, with a food based nuggets puppy brand for big dogs, ground beef and goat's milk. This ’ be removed down to the fourth or fifth month as to age causes diarrhea and is not digested. Puppies eat three times a day and don't mind expenses during growth, because it is just in the first year of life, especially in the first 10 months, that forms a great Dane. The ’ skeleton is formed quickly from three to eight months for which, During this period is highly recommended the ’ use of supplements for bones, such as Cosequin, Fortiflex or Condrogen.

A great Dane adults eat croquettes adult Basic, always brand and for big dogs, integrated with white or red meat (without bones, skin or fat), or minced chicken carcasses, boiled cooked rice or pasta, rinsed and without starch and salt. The food is pretty subjective ’, and can be customized according to your tastes and tolerances of dog food. These foods you can add ’ egg yolks (d) (twice a week) cottage cheese and boiled carrots. Meals you can give as snacks tozzi dried bread, that in addition to providing carbohydrates, are great for keeping your teeth clean.

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