Generally the average life of a great Dane is 8/10 years. There are Danes who live more and Alans living less. Some can live up to 12 years, others live less than 8, and the main cause is gastric dilatation/torsion, that can happen even at a young age if you are predisposed, While there are steps that can be, as the simple preventive operation anchorage (gastropexy). It happens to everyone, for charity, It would be a trouble, but the ’ great Dane is statistically be the first race at the top of the list with this disease.

It all depends on whether, arrived at a certain age, the great Danes tend to develop some problems, like all great dogs and humans elderly: rheumatism, all problems ’ skeleton, or certain diseases such as cancer, twisting of the stomach or heart problems. Obviously not all the Alans develop diseases. Much can be done to a great Dane to live longer and healthier way possible: administration of quality food since puppy, the proper place for the rest and hot mordibo, strictly House, moderate daily exercise and even in old age and especially, so much love.

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